Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Melbourne radio chat + Channelnews Asia + Newpaper

On the 3rd Dec, Australian radio station Joy 94.9 interviewed me about life before and after my coming out. It is now available online as a podcast.
(Look for "Orange Ribbon" program in the list, and if the program for 3rd December is no longer listed then click on "Other episodes.." and then select the program for 3rd December, 2008.)

Alternately, you can download the podcast directly using this link:

These 3 Youtube videos are posted by Channel NewsAsia's Blog TV in Sept 30th, 2008.

In it, Ping and the Flying Dutchman discussed why it is important for schools to talk about sex education. It is timely because HIV infection is still on the rise, and a lack of progress in this area globally will only continue the trend.

And here's an article in July 2008 in Newpaper:,4139,171549,00.html