Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why did I come out? Videos part 1 to 4 on Youtube

Click here: Youtube video Part 1

Why did I come out? Due to societal pressures, gay men and women learn to keep their orientation hidden for years and decades. I carried that burden with me for almost 3 decades, but at some point, I decided it is not a cross I wish to carry for the rest of my life.

Click here: Youtube Video Part 2

There are many people I can thank for helping me reach my decision to come out. Here are some of the reasons (apologies to Rev Ouyong Wenfeng - I'd neglected to mention his contributions during the speech).

Click here: Youtube video part 3

How did I come out? Some of you may have seen bits and snippets of the newspaper coverage in September 2007, but here's the details of what happened days before I put up my coming out blog.

Click here: Youtube video part 4

What happened after I posted the blog? The next few days were stormy and the pressure was tremendous. I could talk about it more objectively now.

The subsequent parts will be out soon. I hope these videos will be a positive contribution in your lives. Thanks for viewing them.

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