Sunday, September 7, 2008

Indignation Talk Part 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

Click here: Youtube video Part 7

In this short segment, I have a message for gay students in Singapore. This is the message I wished someone had given to me when I was a lonely gay teen in school.

Click here: Youtube video Part 8

Here, the brave audience attending this talk are invited to ask any questions. The first is probably the most immediate: how can I take down the blog so quickly? And what really happened at MOE (Ministry Of Education) during the controversy?

Click here: Youtube video Part 9

Russell Heng, an inspiring playwright and pioneer, asked an unexpected but really tough question: how I felt with Fong Swee Suan as my father. Fong Swee Suan was one of the key characters, along with Lim Chin Siong, in the infamous Hock Lee bus riot.

Click here: Youtube video Part 10

Another audience wanted advise on being a teacher who happens to be gay.
Should he/she come out?

Click here: Youtube video Part 11

And here, an advise for local artists, comic artists or otherwise, on what attitude can get Singapore to Pop!

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